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For the most part, Scienoteq is established to Enlighten the Research and Interchange, Expand and Spread the Comprehension. It will be a voice of Inspiration for meeting Professionals to inspire the onlookers of Meeting. Our Scientific Conferences facilitate Researchers to gift their work on a world stage and facilitate them to receive well-built course in their Zone of Expertise.

It is mainly attentive on the recent advancements and developments in the fields of Science, Technology and Engineering as of whole sphere. Our objective is expansion of the knowledge in science and it discoveries that leads its way to new inventions which structures brilliant benefits and for humans in their lives.
Our primary Motto is to bring brilliant experiences that delight attendees, encourage Young researchers, achieve desired results and elevate the impact of the meetings overseas.

Scienoteq conducts a well-structured conference with participation opportunities with Poster Presentation, Oral Presentations, Panel Discussions, Workshops, Symposium, Delegate/Student Delegate and Young Research Forum.

About Scienoteq


To maintain the integrity of creativity to provide the global scientific community with a valuable
forum to share their varied viewpoints that empower the new science and technology research outcomes.



Increase highest reliability in the area of scholarly, research and technical conferences and become the only voice that can change the future of gatherings by offering informative ways to share thoughts and perspectives.



Our main meetings bring hundreds of students and researchers from different institutions around the world to an unified platform where they meet with equal numbers of outstanding scholars offering exceptional career benefits. Our activities encourage better qualified research and help you unleash
the expertise of science in your quest for continued advancement.



“Nothing should stop us from learning and Sharing”
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